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Charlie's 1917 Photos

Charlie's paternal grandfather, grandmother, father and his twin sister with friends

Taken at the home of George Spangler at 14 Williams St., Bradford, PA, August 27. Louie Langworthy, Mrs. Louie Langworthy, Marion Spangler, Mrs. Salome F. Merritt, Mr. Marvin Merritt, George W. Spangler, L. H. Russ, Laura H. Love, Mrs. L. H. Russ (Augusta Hatfield), Mrs. Charles (Gennitta Annin) Richmond, Charles Rockwell Richmond, Charles Bruce Richmond, Mildred Richmond, Another Spangler daughter, Burnett S. Love.
Charles Bruce Richmond, Margaret Daly and Mildred Louise Richmond, Charlie's father and his twin sister and friend, about 12 years old.
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