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Charlie's 1940 Photos

Charlie's Mother and friend

Alice Emily (Sally) Griggs & Bette Boone, at 1019 Columbia Street. Sally was an advisor at Fillmore, CA, High School from 1940-42.

Will's Mother, sister and cousin

Dodo, Cousin Kath (née Sutton) & Beryl in Calne

Will's Father

Iestyn Glyndwyr - RAF Yatesbury, aged 18 years (note Sparks badge). The "Sparks Badge" was the highly coveted Wireless Operator's Badge. It allowed the wearer, when on duty, to approach and speak to an officer without an NCO being present.

Van Gorder family photos

Betsy, Barbara, Michael (foster son), Bob, Helen, George in front of Newton, Massachusetts home (the "House of Moon Gates").
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