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Charlie's 1941 Photos

Charlie's Mother and friend

Alice Emily (Sally) Griggs & Harold Hennesey, the "Irishman," on 'Rowdy'. Sally is on 'Keno' her favourite horse at the Oak Flat Picnic Day, Fillmore, CA, winter.

Will's parents, friends and associates

Beryl Rosalind Stockwell - on the right, in Bristol
Flt Sgt John Hannah VC - instructing aircrew cadets (note white flash in caps), RAF Yatesbury
Jack Davies, John Hannah VC & Iestyn Glyndwr - RAF Yatesbury
Flt Sgt John Hannah VC - RAF Yatesbury - Awarded VC in Sept 1940 aged 18 years, the youngest Air VC. Died 1947 aged 25 years. On 1940 Sep 15 over Antwerp, Belgium, after a successful attack on German invasion barges, the Hampden bomber in which Hannah was Wireless Operator/Air Gunner was subjected to intense anti-aircraft fire, starting a fire which spread quickly. The Rear Gunner and the Navigator baled out and Hannah could have acted likewise, but he remained to fight the fire, first with two extinguishers and then with his bare hands. He sustained terrible injuries, but succeeded in putting out the fire and the Pilot was able to bring the almost wrecked aircraft back safely. (The Pilot, a young Canadian serving in the RAF, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). He was killed in action not long afterward.
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