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Charlie's 1947 Photos

Will's mother and grandmother

Beryl Rosalind Williams and Elsie Evelyn Stockwell pushing Marilyn Elizabeth in the pram in Essex. Beryl says, "I took my mother to Southend for a holiday as she had been very ill & it did her a power of good. Marilyn was about a year old. Iestyn was away in Egypt. This picture was taken by a street photographer.

Will's father in Egypt

RAF Fayid Rugby XV - the best in Egypt (IGW fourth from left, back row)
RAF Suez Canal Rugby XV - IGW third from left, back row
IGW, ?, Flt Lt Tubby Adshead, Painfully Thin Smith, Ken Jays, ?
RAF Fayid, Suez Canal Zone, The Boxing Team - IGW, ?, ?, Isaacson the Great Bantam, ?, ?, German POW, Tumilty, Ted Harper

Charlie's Parents - Just Married!

Charlie Richmond, Sr and Sally Richmond, Claremont, CA, September 14. Sally says "Little Joe Griggs made the sign for the back of Charles' car, the Plymouth in the background. En route home from honeymoon at 'Falling Springs Resort' in San Gabriel Canyon near Azusa, Calif."
Sally Richmond, Claremont, CA, November 18. Millie says "Pale legs, otherwise good." Sally says "All 5's tie in C's opinion. Ugly entrance to our actually attractive, comfortable & roomy (inside!) 'cocoon'"
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