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Charlie's 1959 Photos

Charlie's photos - Carmel Valley

Charlie & Sally at the entrance to Camp Pico Blanco, by Boucher's Gap in the Los Padres mountains
Charlie feeding Mandy, one of the twin lambs we adopted after their mother died
Charlie with Ferdie and Jim in the background

Will's photos - Serangoon, Singapore

Will - in school
Will & friends at the Officer's Mess Summer Ball. Front: Valerie, Marian, Christine, Carol & Will; Back: Judy, Susan, Carol, Jennifer, Zena, Fiona
Beryl & Iestyn at the Island Club (where everyone could belong)

Charlie's photos - trip to Puget Sound and British Columbia

Charlie & Mac McDowell at Paradise Inn on Mount Rainier, Washington
Mary, Ellen, Charlie Sr., Sally & Charlie digging clams at Pennell's in Washington
Charlie & Sally in front of 904 North Ainsworth Avenue, Tacoma
Charlie & Sally by the Tally-Ho horses, Victoria, BC
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