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Charlie's 1961 Photos

Charlie's photos

Charlie water skiing at Clear Lake, California
John & Charlie with the Dauphine & Glasspar Balboa at the Salinas River, Moss Landing
Charlie as new Glasspar Avalon and Mark 70 go into the water on Monterey Wharf No. 2, courtesy of Curly's Boat Hoist.
Charlie and the 'Skunk' in Willits, California
Charlie on a deep sea fishing boat in Monterey Bay

Charlie in William Inge's 'The Dark at the Top of the Stairs'

Charlie as Sonny Flood, Golden Bough Circle Theatre, Carmel, California
Charlie - Ruth Velissaratos photography
Charlie - Ruth Velissaratos photography

Will's Family photos

Rob, Iestyn & Steve in Devon or Cornwall
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