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Charlie's 1962 Photos

Charlie's photos

Charlie and first snowfall in Monterey , January
Charlie with water skis at Monterey Bay , February
Charlie Sr., Nettie, Millie, Jeri & Charlie in the boat on the Bay, August
Sally, Millie, Nettie, Walt, Ric, Jeri, Charlie & Charlie Sr. at the Sportmen's Club's clubhouse under construction, Carmel Valley, August
Charlie Sr., Charlie & Martie in the boat on Monterey Bay

Will at Edgehill College, Bideford, North Devon, UK

Will and her chemistry class (upper IV W)
Will (lower left) in her form room (upper IV W)
Val & Will at Westward-Ho on one of their three Exeats per term
Will receiving an award on Prize Day
Will (in sunglasses) and classmates on Prize Day
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