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Charlie's 1967 Photos

Charlie - Monterey High School Graduation, June 15

Charlie delivering commencement address

Will's photos

Will - miniskirt season in Brighton, summer on the beach
Will in Eileen's garden
Will & Ei in Eileen's garden
Will & Pat - Brenner Pass in Switzerland
Will - return from hitchhiking holiday in Europe
Beryl and her glamorous legs in the Plymstock garden
Will & Rob - Christmas Day, Plymstock, Devon, UK
Nelson, Will, Rob & Steve - Boxing Day, Bovisand Beach, Devon, UK
Iestyn - passport photo

Charlie's European trip, Summer

Disembarking at Gatwick Airport - not far from Brighton...
Pierre, Odette, family & friends - near Paris
Marie Luise and her mother in the beautiful garden at Favoritenstraße 50, Vienna
The Students working in Kals, Osttirol - on a hike up Großglockner
The Students in Kals, Osttirol, Austria
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