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Charlie's 1968 Photos

Will's photos

Will in Brighton on the beach again...
Will & Rob with Nelson in the garden at Plymstock
Will, Tom, ?, Randy & ? at the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel
Will & Tom in Zefat, Israel
Will, Petra & Tom in Zefat, Israel
Ruthi, Will, Tom, Tamar, Hannah & Petra - December at Ein Gez Kibbutz, Israel
Bentz, Will & Ruthi - leaving Ein Gez Kibbutz, Israel

Charlie's photos

Norm, Charlie, Becca, Betsy, Austin & Don in Orinda, California
Charlie Sr., Bette, Sally, Joe & Charlie in Monterey, California

Charlie's second trip to Europe

Charlie, Claude & Jean-François at le Castanié, southern France
Charlie & Pierre - Odette writes "Ready for the departure to visit Avignon & Nîmes. Aix-Tarascon on the little road along le Castanié"
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