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Charlie's 1972 Photos

Charlie & Will - California

Charlie in Big Sur

Charlie & Will - Vancouver

Charlie & Will in formal portrait won by Charlie answering a telephone quiz
Charlie, packing Jessie the Jaguar for Victoria Day camping, May
Charlie puts the final touches on Sebastian, RSD's first theatre sound console, while Will looks on
Will puts the final blessing on Sebastian
Charlie packing up Sebastian for shipping to Stratford
Rex in front of Vancouver Harbour

Charlie & Will - Backpacking trip to the East Coast, Summer

Charlie hitching East on the Trans Canada
Will, camping on the way
Charlie in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Charlie in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Will in a graveyard in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Rod & Charlie in Deep River, Ontario

Will's trip to New Zealand, Autumn

Will in Fiji
Sam in Bentz & Dave's yard in Auckland
Sam in the yard
Sam and Bentz' leg whilst camping in New Zealand
Sam & Bentz, camping
Will & Sam, camping
Sam & Dave overlooking Auckland
Bentz & Dave in Auckland
Will, Bentz & friend hitching on the South Island

Charlie & Will - first visit to London together!

Charlie & Will - Christmas dinner in Surbiton
Charlie, Steve & Will - Christmas dinner
Rob, Beryl & Will - Christmas dinner
Beryl - Christmas dinner
Steve, Iestyn & Rob - Christmas dinner
Will - by the mini Christmas tree
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