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Charlie's 1975 Photos

Visit to UK, Winter

Will in Richmond Park
Will & Beryl in Richmond Park
Iestyn & Will in Richmond Park
Iestyn & Will in Richmond Park
Ron, Iestyn, Beryl, Peter, Jo, Molly, Beryl & Dodo in Surbiton
Steve, Iestyn & Rob in the garden in Surbiton
Eileen, Will & Sue in Bristol
Jenny, Eve, Charlie & Alice in Scotland
Charlie in Scotland
Alice - all aglow

Visit to California, Spring

Sally by the beach in Pacific Grove
Sally by the beach in Pacific Grove
Joe & Charlie at Joe & Bette's in Monterey

British Columbia

Lucy & Will at Greg & Lucy's in Vernon
Will 'skiing' in Vernon
Charlie by Victoria's inner harbour
Sam holding his own with the rest of the hikers
Charlie explaining Garibaldi Lake's topology on the hike with Pierce

San Diego

Nathan & the first 816 at the Old Globe - 816 burned with the Globe in '79
Nathan 'operating' the first 816 in front of the Old Globe
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