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Charlie's 1985 Photos

Iestyn & Beryl's visit to Vancouver, May

Gareth & Iestyn in the living room on 27th Avenue
Gareth in a pensive mood
Gareth, Théa & Will in the garden
Charlie, Gareth & Théa in the garden
Iestyn, Will & Beryl on Granville Island
Will, Charlie & Iestyn on Granville Island
Gareth and the ice cream cone on the front steps
Beryl, Charlie, Théa & Will picnicing at Shannon Falls
Charlie, Théa, Iestyn, Gareth & Will at Shannon Falls
Théa, Will & Charlie at Nairn Falls
Charlie, Théa, Will, Gareth & Iestyn above Nairn Falls
Iestyn, Will, Gareth, Théa & Charlie at the Pemberton Museum
Gareth & Iestyn - storytime at Whistler, BC
The 'condo cabin' at Whistler
Gareth & Théa at Lost Lake, Whistler
Iestyn, Théa, Will, Gareth & Charlie in Whistler Village
Iestyn & Will in the Whistler cabin
Charlie & Iestyn at Harrison Lake
Théa, Gareth & Iestyn at Lord Kitchener School, Vancouver
Iestyn, Théa, Beryl, Gareth & Will picnicing in Maple Grove Park
Will, Beryl, Gareth & Iestyn on the beach/in the condo at Whistler
Gareth, Iestyn & Théa by the creek
Iestyn, Gareth & Théa "I want it"
Beryl, Iestyn, Théa, Will & Gareth by Harrison Lake
Beryl, Iestyn, Gareth, Will & Théa by Harrison Lake
Will & Iestyn assisting the others out of the packed car by Shannon Falls
Gareth, Will, Théa, Beryl & Iestyn out of the car....
Iestyn, Théa, Gareth & Will picnicing by Shannon Falls
The group heading toward the Falls....
Beryl & Iestyn on the bridge on the way to the Falls
Will, Théa, Gareth, Iestyn & Beryl having fun below Shannon Falls
Beryl, Théa, Gareth, Iestyn & Will and Shannon Falls
Beryl, Gareth, Théa, Will & Iestyn resting along the trail
Beryl & Iestyn at the museum in Pemberton
Gareth, Iestyn & Théa having their first bedtime story at the Whistler condo
Will & Beryl hooking up the dishwasher
Iestyn, Beryl, Gareth, Will & Théa strolling across the future Whistler townsite
Théa, Will, Gareth, Iestyn & Beryl strolling through the continous Whistler construction zone
Charlie, Gareth & Théa after attending the opening of the UBC Botanical Gardens
Gareth, Charlie & Théa showing off their face paintings
Beryl, Iestyn, Théa & Will heading back to Britain after a great visit
Will, Beryl & Iestyn loaded up and heading back

Visit to California

Charlie & Marian in El Cerrito
Charlie, Marian, Will & Gareth in El Cerrito
Charlie, Andrew & Gareth on the swings in El Cerrito
Will in El Cerrito
Théa & Charlie in El Cerrito
Tom, Gareth, Théa & Andrea in El Cerrito

Photos by Jim Harrison for a 'Vancouver Courier' article on Mushroom Studios

Charlie very untypically sitting at the console
Charlie again untypically sitting at the console

Family photos

Gareth playing with toys in Théa's 'house'
Charlie, Gareth & Théa in the slush on the banks of the Fraser River
Gareth, Will & Théa on the original wooden bridge to Deering Island
Gareth, Will & Théa on the wooden pier by Deering Island
Angela, Théa, Cadi and revellers at Théa's birthday party
Cadi, Cleo, Théa, Brian and party revellers
Will serves the birthday cake to the revellers
Théa preparing to blow out the candles
Théa blowing out the candles
Choose Me!
Théa - centre of attention
Théa - unwrapping the presents
Théa, Gareth & Will - showing his birthday presents around
Théa, Gareth & Will - playing with his birthday presents
Théa & Gareth - playing with the neat car garage set
Théa, Cleo, Gareth, Angela, Rhys & Jamie - birthday party!
Cleo, Rhys, Jamie, Gareth, Théa & Angela - eating pizza (note recycled Happy Birthday poster)
Cleo, Théa, Rhys, Jamie & Gareth - Théa delivering Gareth's cake
Gareth & Théa - blowing out the candles (3!)
Théa, Rhys, Jamie & Gareth - sticky cake fingers!
Gareth & Théa - snuggled up with dolly in the makeshift front room bed
Gareth & Théa - still snuggled up with dolly in the makeshift front room bed
Théa (centre) and teammates playing soccer (football)
Théa (right) and teammates playing soccer (football)
Théa (kicking) and teammates playing soccer (football)
Théa (foreground) and teammates - a game well played!
Théa and classmates competing in tug of war on sports day
Théa and classmates losing the tug of war contest
Théa getting the handoff from her 'green' teammate in the relay race on sports day
Théa out ahead for the 'green' team after rounding the cone in the relay race on sports day
Théa skipping rope in the first part of the 'triathlon' race on sports day
Théa running across the bench in the second part of the 'triathlon' race on sports day
Théa starting off in the ball rolling race on sports day
Théa bringing the ball back to the next competitor
Théa high-fiving a teammate
Théa running hard
Théa with a good start in the tire rolling race
Théa and a good ending, too!
Théa running well in the relay race
Will & Gareth enjoying themselves on sports day
Will holding Gareth and enjoying themselves on sports day
Théa, Dana & Gareth showing the deadly mixture to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public
Gareth in his major back yard construction zone
Théa on her horse readying for the dressage
Théa on her horse, waiting for the moment
Théa circulating in the warm up
Théa closer up, circulating in the warm up
Théa passing by the reviewing stand
Théa still warming up
Théa surely warmed up by now?
Théa trotting now...
Théa lining up to receive the awards
Théa receiving the ribbon - a good finish!
The first place finisher receiving the ribbon
Théa and her fourth place ribbon
Théa & Gareth giving the new goldfish a breather on the back steps
Gareth proudly displaying his cars on the back steps
Charlie, Gareth & Théa picking cherries in the back yard using the long armed cherry picker
Gareth, Charlie & Théa on the trail to Singing Pass
Théa, Will & Gareth clowning on the trail
Gareth, Théa & Will always clowning around
Will, Gareth & Théa on the beach at Alta Lake
Will, Gareth & Théa at attention on the beach!
Gareth with his new tricycle
Théa on her bike, fully decorated with its new colourful basket
Théa - individual t-ball portrait photo
Théa - group t-ball portrait photo
Théa & Gareth - professional portrait photo
Will, Gareth, Dana & Théa reading a fascinating story in Whistler
Théa & Dana off to the explore the River of Golden Dreams in Whistler
Will, Théa, Dana & Gareth playing by the River of Golden Dreams
Will, Dana, Théa & Gareth playing by the River of Golden Dreams
Gareth & Théa carrying the incredibly heavy lie-low to the beach at Alta Lake
Dana, Gareth & Théa on the beach at Alta Lake
Gareth, Théa & Dana on the beach
Gareth discovering the joy of reading
Gareth displaying the joy of reading
Théa on the BMX bike at Whistler
Théa on the BMX
Gareth & Théa getting ready to go cycling
Théa, Will & Gareth loading up and heading out
Gareth & Théa checking out the campsite by the lake
Gareth & Théa checking out the culvert
Théa, Gareth & Will playing and relaxing by Alta Lake
Gareth, Théa & Will checking out the footwear
Square dancers in the square at Whister Village
Gareth displaying his excellent ice cream cone
Gareth dancing with the square dancers
Will, Théa & Gareth watching the ferry unload
Will, Théa & Gareth as the ferry sails
Mike, Gareth, Charlie, Théa & Dana at Dana's place in Grantham's Landing
Mike, Gareth, Charlie, Théa & Will at Dana's
Dana, Mike, Gareth, Will, Charlie & Théa at Dana's
Will, Mike, Dana, Théa & Gareth on the ferry
Rhys, Devon & Mike practicing the piano
Théa & friends at the piano, with bracelets and gap!
Théa & friends boogying in the front room
Devon, Théa & friends still having fun
Théa and friend demonstrating the ultimate babysitting technique
Théa and her gymnastic babysitting technique
Gareth & Charlie - peek-a-boo!
Will the kitchen queen
Gareth & Théa cozy and handstanding with another hand ready to help....
Gareth & Théa - the topsy turvy aftermath
Théa's team - 'Sting' group soccer picture
Théa - group Grade 2 class picture
Théa - individual Grade 2 picture
Gareth, Will & Théa eating Thanksgiving dinner in Whistler
Will, Gareth & Théa having a laugh in Whistler
Théa, Will & Gareth preparing dessert
Will, Gareth & Charlie dressed for Halloween
Théa, Will & Gareth saluting Halloween
Charlie, Théa & Gareth making (and tasting) the pumpkins
Cleo, Théa & Charlie dancing the night away
Cleo, Théa, Gareth & Charlie still partying hearty
Théa & Gareth and the pumpkins, heading off to trick-or-treat
Théa, Gareth & Will in the Pullman, Washington, motel room
Théa and the R5, stuck in the freeway traffic
Will & Gareth beginning his kitchen training
Will & Gareth making a culinary treat
Will & Gareth mixing it up
Théa, Gareth, & Cleo cavorting on Grandma Beryl's quilts
Gareth, Cleo & Théa cavorting on Grandma Beryl's quilts
Cleo asleep on the lower bunk, both girls under Grandma Beryl's quilts
Théa & Will heading off on Nordic skis in Whistler
Gareth, Will, Cadi & Théa on a wet winter day at Shannon Falls
Cadi & ?? taking a huge tumble after sliding down the hill in Whistler
Charlie, Gareth, & Cadi getting ready to slide down the hill
Charlie swooshing down the hill
Will sliding to a fateful ending
Théa hanging on
Mikey, Gareth, & Will decorating the tree we got from under the Whistler power lines
Will in the back lane, 27th Avenue
Théa, Gareth & Will on the ice in Whistler
Will, Gareth & Théa down on the ice...
Théa on nordic skis in front of the cabin
Théa & Gareth on the sled in front of the Whistler cabin
Gareth & Théa clowning in the car
Gareth & Théa opening their presents from Sally Young on Christmas Eve
Gareth & Théa displaying their enjoyment for the presents from Sally Young
Gareth & Théa demonstrating the pleasure Santa will get as he eats his snack and reads his messages
Gareth & Théa presenting the messages and calendar for Santa
Théa & Gareth another angle to the scenario, including fireplace and stocking
Théa & Gareth opening the rest of the presents on Christmas Day
Gareth & Will surveying the devastation
Will, Gareth & Théa dressed in new duds and displaying their favourite presents
Gareth, Sally & Théa sharing Christmas with Grandma in her room
Will, Sally, Gareth & Théa sharing Christmas with Grandma
Will, Charles, Gareth & Théa sharing Christmas with Charles in New Westminster
Will, Théa, Gareth & Charles sharing Christmas with Charles
Théa & Cleo each with their Cabbage Patch 'babies'
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