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Charlie's 1993 Photos

Relaxing at the Bentley-Fletchers, January

Théa, Cleo, Luke & Gareth caught in the act
David & Charlie pondering the imponderable
Will & Bentz in a cheery mood

Martie's 90th birthday celebration, January 24

Austin, Martha, Alice & Carole
Austin, Martha, Alice, Joe & Carole
Joe, Martha & Austin
Martha - resting after the festivities.

Visit to London, April

Gareth & Iestyn and biplane at Brooklands
Gareth & Beryl and the famous banked track at Brooklands
Gareth and the overpass and track at Brooklands
Gareth & The Devil at Brooklands
Iestyn & Gareth at Brooklands
Gareth & Iestyn at Brooklands
Gareth & Iestyn - learning fatigue
Beryl & Margaret Young at the WAAFA AGM Church Parade in Derby
Iestyn with Gareth & Charlie heading home
Beryl, Gareth & Iestyn - farewell to Surbiton
Gareth, Beryl & Iestyn - farewell at the airport

Agnes & Dr. Shin visit RSD, May

Ken, Damon, Charlie & Dr. Shin in the lounge at the office
Agnes, Damon, Dr. Shin & Charlie in the lounge at the office
Shay & Ken always on the phone!

Charlie's visit to North Wales, September

Beryl, Iestyn & Rob inspecting the sitting room of the farm house
Iestyn & Beryl at the ruins of Cyndor Doebarth Dwyfor
Beryl & Iestyn at Caernarvon Castle
Iestyn & Beryl in the old water wheel powered woolen mill
Beryl & Iestyn in Portmerion
Nick and the trompe l'oeil wall in Portmerion
Charlie & Iestyn exploring Portmerion
Charlie & Nick in Portmerion
Steve & Iestyn at Syqun Copper Mine
Charlie and the train station with the longest name in world (and its phonetic spelling)
Nick and yet another of the 'longest names in the world' (Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch) and its meaning in English
Nick & Rob in Caernarvon
Nick & Rob and another ruin
Nick & Rob photography in the ruins
Rob & Nick in front of the Tudor Rose - old and crooked but not a ruin!

Charlie at PLASA, September

Rob demonstrating Stage Manager 3000 to an interested punter

Visit to Oregon, California, Nevada & Arizona, August

Gareth, Théa, Will, Toby & Maya and the tent trailer on the way....
Théa, Maya & Gareth on the beach north of Santa Monica
Maya, Théa & Gareth in the waves north of Santa Monica
Théa & Maya and the California hills
Charlie & Gareth buds bonding on a walk in the hills
Charlie, Maya, Théa, Gareth & Toby on the sand dunes near Brawley
Théa, Maya, Gareth, Toby & Charlie out for a run on the sand dunes
Maya, Théa, Gareth & Will on the hay bales near Brawley in the setting sun
Théa & Charlie in front of the spectacular Grand Canyon
Théa, Gareth, Maya & Charlie with binoculars and cameras in focus at the Grand Canyon
Gareth and the Grand Canyon
Will and the Grand Canyon
Charlie, Maya, Gareth & Théa resting amongst the aboriginal artifacts exhibit at the Grand Canyon
Charlie washing up at the Grand Canyon camp site
Gareth with binoculars at Hoover/Boulder Dam
Gareth with binoculars at Hoover/Boulder Dam, looking for birds?
Will & Toby at Crater Lake
Maya, Théa & Gareth on the snowfield at Crater Lake

Will's visit to England, October

Steve, Rob & Will - vegetarian feast on Regent Road

RSD in Orlando for LDI, November

David & crew at the controls of the Command/Cue system
Charles & Linda heading up the RSD office

Holidays on Vancouver Island, December

Richard pensive on the stairs
James, Christopher, Anne & Sean in an unintentional collage
Gareth, James, Richard, Will, Anne, Christopher, Sean & Théa on the high point of the Saanich Peninsula
Toby, Will & Théa exploring the hillside
Christopher & Richard riding high on the slopes, overlooking the gulf islands
Anne & Théa at the top
Théa perched on the top

Family photos, Vancouver

Will fixing the oven yet again
More students from Japan here to study English
Charlie & Gareth unpacking and setting up his new mountain bike
Will, Gareth & Théa - a quick pic before dinner
Nathaniel, Anne, Christopher & James reading a bedtime story to the assembled masses
Richard & Anne and their own personal Whistler softball team
Gareth fishing under Richard's guidance (and an apple)
Gareth fishing in Green Lake
Charlie hard at work (well, maybe not) on the computer in the new office
Toby & Will hard at work (well, maybe not) on the sofa
Gareth in the front yard by the apple tree
Will reading and relaxing by the pond
David & his parents visiting from Orlando and the midwest
Gareth - group soccer picture
Gareth - individual school picture
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