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Charlie's 1995 Photos

Visit to UK, March

Iestyn & Gareth at Brighton Pier
Gareth & Iestyn on Brighton Pier
Théa, Gareth, Will & Iestyn at Brighton Pavilion
Gareth at Brighton Pier dodgem car arcade
Gareth at the wheel
Gareth & Rob on/under the old Roman wall at the Museum of London
Gareth and one of those fancy new informational phone booths in London
Beryl, Théa, Gareth, Rob & Iestyn at supper in Surbiton
Iestyn, Beryl, Théa, Gareth & Rob having a laugh at supper

Family photos, Vancouver

Mel & Théa all dressed up with a way to get there
Sam & Théa all dressed up as flappers at a 20's party
Nemer & Claryta having dinner with us during a visit to the rental house
Gareth & Charlie playing billiards in the basement of the rental house
Damon Wootton & John visiting our rental house in the spring
Théa & Gareth in a friendly (?) tussle
Théa - school photo
Gareth - school photo
Pharoah & Sherpa - playful kittens
David & Dave - playful friends at the Bentley-Fletchers at Christmas
Charlie - exhausted by holiday antics
Will & Charlie on a boat outing from Sydney
Nathaniel, Christopher & James at home in Sydney
Sean & Anne loving son and mother
Charlie in the woods in Sydney
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