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Charlie's 1996 Photos

Rick & Gina's Wedding, July 13

Will, Rick, Gina & Charlie at the Chapel in Heritage Village

Beryl & Iestyn's visit to Vancouver, August

Will, Charlie & Iestyn at the 'Street of Dreams'
Iestyn, Charlie & Will in Steveston, BC
Iestyn, Will & Charlie in Steveston
Charlie, Will & Iestyn at the Steveston docks
Will & Iestyn at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens
Charlie, Will & Iestyn at Iona Beach Regional Park
Will & Ken MacKenzie on the Fraser River
Iestyn & Charlie watching Ken MacKenzie draw logs on the Fraser
Beryl, Will, Gareth, Charlie & Théa in Van Dusen Gardens
Will, Gareth, & Iestyn in Van Dusen Gardens
Iestyn at Canada Place cruise ship terminal, Vancouver
Iestyn, Will & Beryl and a Jericho Beach Sunset, Vancouver
Will, Iestyn & Shayne at Cypress Mountain viewpoint
Charlie, Will, Shayne & Iestyn at Cypress Mountain viewpoint
Iestyn, Will, Shayne & Charlie at Cypress Mountain viewpoint
Iestyn & Will at Cypress Mountain viewpoint
Iestyn & Will in Lighthouse Park
Charlie & Shayne on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
Will & Iestyn and Mushroom Studios
View from Mushroom Studios, Vancouver
Will & Charlie in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
Will & Iestyn in Queen Elizabeth Park
Iestyn & Will in Queen Elizabeth Park
Will, Beryl & Charlie and the waterfall in Queen Elizabeth Park
Charlie, Iestyn & Will with 'tourists' in Queen Elizabeth Park
Will, Charlie & Iestyn in Stanley Park, Vancouver
Will & Lions' Gate Bridge from Stanley Park
Charlie & Iestyn relaxing in Stanley Park
Beryl, Théa, Iestyn & Will on Granville Island, Vancouver
Beryl & Will and the house nearing completion
Iestyn in the living room
Iestyn, Will, Charlie, Théa & Shayne in the garden
Iestyn, Beryl & Charlie enjoying the waning summer rays of sun
Iestyn & Beryl enjoying the waning summer rays of sun
Iestyn and a beautifully trimmed flowering bush in Queen Elizabeth Park
Charlie, Beryl & Iestyn looking at photo albums over lunch - boooorrrrriiiiinnggg
Beryl & Iestyn focusing on lunch over photos
Beryl & Iestyn at the Cypress Bowl view point on a beautiful sunny day
Iestyn & Beryl at the Cypress Bowl view point overlooking Point Grey and Vancouver Island
Iestyn & Beryl in the shelter in Lighthouse Park
Iestyn, Beryl, Charlie & Shayne relaxing in the back garden
Beryl, Théa & Iestyn taking a break to visit on Granville Island
Beryl & Iestyn reading the newspaper on Granville Island
Beryl downtown, exploring Cathedral Place
Charlie, Théa, Gareth, Iestyn & Beryl having a summer snack in the dining room
Charlie, Beryl, Iestyn, Théa, Gareth & Will in a camera-timed family portrait
Charlie, Iestyn & Gareth chatting in the front room

Beryl & Iestyn in Vancouver, September

Will in Cathedral Place, downtown Vancouver
Beryl & Gareth in the living room
Théa, Beryl, Iestyn, Gareth & Charlie
Charlie, Théa, Gareth, Iestyn & Will noshing
Théa, Gareth, Will, Charlie, Iestyn & Beryl
Iestyn, Gareth, Théa & Beryl bidding adieu at the airport
Théa, Gareth & Iestyn chatting right up to the last minute at the airport

Austin & Carole's visit to Vancouver, September

Austin, Will, Théa & Charlie - in the front room

Théa's & Gareth's school photos

Gareth - school photo
Théa - graduation photo
Théa - receiving her diploma
Théa - the thrill of it finally being over!
Mel & Théa - best buds!
Mel & Théa - still best buds!
Théa - casual shot
Théa - fave casual shot
Théa - fave informal shot
Théa - informal shot
Théa - informal shot
Théa - informal shot
Théa - informal seated shot
Théa - fave seated shot
Théa - informal shot
Théa - informal shot
Théa - informal shot
Théa - informal shot
Théa - formal shot
Théa - formal shot
Théa - formal shot
Théa - group shot of best friends

Family Photos

Charlie - passport photo in his bespoke Indonesian shirt
Gareth, Théa & Charlie and a lovely bouquet on the table in the condo
Théa and the bouquet on the table in the condo
Gareth with lunch and the Indonesian tablecloth
Charlie's head & Théa at her high school commencement ceremonies
Charlie and an historical plaque on the highway to Squamish
Charlie admiring the newly installed banisters, minus caps
Will, Gareth, Mike & Théa toasting a job well done
Bentz, Cleo, Arline, Rhys, Gareth, Will, Dave & Sheila eating Christmas dinner in their crowns
Théa and the entire group eating Christmas dinner from the opposite end
Joan and the Christmas tree
Sherpa & Charlie relaxing together after the holiday bustle
Will in the rocking chair and the Christmas carnage behind
Gareth & Mike cooking up a storm
The House on 24th Avenue - in the snow after two years of renovations
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