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Charlie's 1998 Photos

Visit to Sydney, Spring

Charlie on the ferry
Will on the ferry, with another ferry approaching in Active Pass
Richard tidying up their new property
Will appreciating the tulips at the new house
Will & Richard pointing out the features of the harbour from the view window
Will, Anne, Richard & a gathering of neighbours in the back garden of the new house
Friends & neighbours enjoying the view from the back deck
Sunset over the water, viewed from the back porch

Visit to Seattle, Summer

Pat, Will, Perry & Marian in the old downtown historic area

Family photos, Vancouver

Will's cousin Roger, Charlie & Will, March.
Roger, Charlie & Will in front of Mushroom Studios, March.
Agnes, Will, Ken & Jackie visiting at home
Agnes, Will, Ken, Jackie & Charlie visiting at home
Will & Bob at Mushroom Studios
Gareth, Will & Théa puzzled at home
Shauna's wedding on Bowen Island
Luke & David taking pictures at Shauna's wedding
The Happy Couple signing the registry
Shauna & her family at her wedding
Sheila, Joyce, Irving, Shauna, Luke & Will relaxing after the wedding
Charlie in a common position, August.
The extended Minkler family at supper before cruising to Alaska, with Charlie & Will, August. Ryan, Gareth, Aznery & Naoko heading off for a camping trip at Garibaldi Lake
Théa and the AudioBox, pandering to baser sales techniques
Aznery & jack-o-lantern on Halloween
Gareth dressed deceptively for Halloween
Théa, Charlie & Gareth assembling the hockey game from Sally Young
Théa, Charlie & Gareth assembling the hockey game from Sally Young

London, November

Ron & Beryl
Ron & Beryl
Ron & Will
Steve, Will & Rob
Will, Steve, Beryl & Iestyn
Beryl & Iestyn - happy at home

Cruising to Norway

Beryl, the Pirate & Iestyn - banqueting at the Captain's table

Christmas at Mike and Arline's

Théa the professional espresso maker
Aznery and her friends
Aznery and friends, again.
Gareth, computer & Rhys
Will, Rhys, Théa, Gareth, Mike, Devon, Charlie, Aznery and friends
Ditto but Arline instead of Charlie
Ditto but Arline's on the end now
Arline in at the end...
Mike & Will
Clowning around
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