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Charlie's 1999 Photos

Aznery returning to Mexico, February

Will & Aznery bundled for the winter.
Gareth, Théa, Aznery & Charlie eating at the airport.
Aznery & Charlie eating at the airport. Charlie is very odd.
Charlie, Aznery & Will about to depart.
Aznery & friends saying goodbye.

Selling Mushroom Studios, February

Will waiting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting......
.... and waiting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting...... and admiring the artwork our shekels are paying for.....
Will, Charlie & Lynn "Just sign here....."
Will, Charlie & Lynn "And here...."
Will & Charlie still signing..... When will we be done???
Are we done?? Maybe - Lynn's on the phone to the press and Robert is smiling...
Done!! Must be - Robert's getting his commission, Lynn is tearing up the certified deposit cheque and Will's laughing (why?)....
Gareth & Will relaxing in the aftermath...
Théa, Will & Gareth having a celebratory Valentine's Day lunch.
Théa selecting slides from which to make prints.
Will enjoying her final days in the crowded old office.
Ken surveying the old digs.
Val clearing out the old tapes.
Bob of the Bush bidding us a fond farewell.
David wondering what the fuss is all about.
Denise not wondering at all.

Charlie's visit to California, February

Judy & Bill and their cat in their spiffy kitchen.
Joel in the spiffy Hypermedia Laboratory at UCLA.
Joel in another view of the lab.
Joel and Jeff in their office at UCLA.
Joanne and her many keyboards.
Joanne & Loren having a chuckle.
Joanne & Loren - love and the laundry.

Théa's 21st birthday celebration, February 25

Théa, Gareth & Will comparing elevations.
Gareth breakdancing.
Théa & Gareth jivin'
Théa & Gareth swingin'
Théa & Gareth flingin'
Théa receiving presents.
Théa & Gareth - pizza, what else?
Théa and the cake.
Théa blowing out the candles.
Théa pigging out.
Gareth & Will - it could be funny.
Gareth & Will - yep, it was funny.
Gareth & Will - yikes!

Gareth presents his chesterfield, March

Will, Théa & Gareth entering the garage.
Gareth, Théa & Will - Wow! It's really big!
Théa, Will & Gareth - and it's really strong!

Gareth's 17th birthday celebration, March 12

Gareth & Will - Woah, dude! Fancy cake....
Gareth, Will, Yukie & Théa - blow, winds, blow...
Gareth & Will - Let's eat!

Yukie, student from Japan, March

Will & Yukie in Pacific Spirit Park, overlooking the Fraser river
Will & Yukie on Deas Island
Will & Yukie on Deas Island, looking at the eagle nests
Will & Yukie at Finn Slough, on the Fraser river
Will & Yukie on Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver

Visit from Sitzy & Howard, March

Sitzy, Howard & Will on Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver
Sitzy & Howard, Cleveland Dam - it looks just like wilderness beyond the chain link fence!
Howard & Sitzy in Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver
Yukie, Will, Howard & Sitzy in Lighthouse Park

Family & friends, Spring

Charlie, Joan & Will
Gareth & the chesterfield - all set up and groovin'
Joan & Will feasting
Karen, Corby, Jill & Charlie
Nan, Joan, Karen, Corby, Jill & Charlie

Meanwhile, back in Surbiton

Steve, Iestyn & Rob and the Choisya Ternata at Easter

USITT Video Interview with Charlie, Seattle, May

Rick setting things up.
Rick explaining how to behave on camera.
Sarah getting a kick out of how long I can talk.

Will's visit to Toronto, June

Polly at Spadina House
Will & Pat at Spadina House
Pat in her kitchen, Polly in the garden
Pat & Polly in Pat's garden
Will & Pat in Pat's beautiful flowering garden
Will & Polly in the garden
Polly & Pat preparing supper
Ann, Pat & Polly feasting in the garden
Pat & Will aprés supper
Polly & Will aprés supper
Marian, Will, Ann, Polly & Pat - déja vu all over again!
Polly & Pat in front of Pat's place
Marian, Pat, Polly & Ann in Etobicoke
Will & Ann shopping
Will, Polly, Pat & Ann at Harbourfront
Pat, Marian & Ann on the Harbour Ferry
Peter, Roger & Derek, Will's cousins at Roger's house near Toronto. Peter recently received the Order of Canada.
Peter, Will, Roger & Derek (the film cut Peter off...)

Visit to Coalmont, BC, August

Will & Arline ready to roll
Will & Coalmont's Welcoming Signs - every town should have this kind of attitude...
Will & Arline getting their kicks at the General Store
Mike, Arline, 'Cigar store Indians' & Will - and the General Store is for sale....

Visit from Mike, August

Mike & Malcolm - President of Greenframe visits Vancouver to talk about environmentally friendly building framing systems and old growth forest preservation.

Neighbours move to the island, August

Edward & Julie head off

Gareth's visit to London, August

Gareth relaxing before heading off
Gareth & Will having a last minute jaw
Gareth & Iestyn feasting in the garden
Gareth & Iestyn still eating....
Gareth heading to Paris on the Chunnel Train

Gareth in Paris, August

Gareth & the models
Gareth, model draped over the windshield & Eddy
Gareth & Eddy - escargot connoisseurs
?, Michaela and Gareth
Gareth in a favourite position back at home

Beryl's visit, September

Charlie & Will in Deep Cove
Charlie, Will & Frank, English Bay.
Will & Beryl in White Rock
Will & Beryl
Théa. Beryl & Will
Beryl, Théa, Mike & Will
Will, Gareth & Beryl
Beryl & Will
Beryl, Will & Frank, English Bay
Beryl, Frank & Charlie, English Bay
Beryl & Will, departure time.

Théa & Mel in Nepal and Thailand, October - December

Riding in Mustang/With the Monks/On the water
6km high on Annapurna

Juan, student from Panama, December

Juan & Charlie, in Steveston.
Charlie & Juan, on the Cleveland Dam.
Juan & Charlie, on Mount Seymour.

Australian cousins

Edith, Gareth, Emily, Matthew, Morgan during a visit to Wales.
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