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This Bibliography of Books and Articles related to Sound and Acoustics with a focus on Theatre Sound is not intended to be considered a definitive list, although it includes all of the major works on the subject, in our opinion. As always, it is subject to change without notice, may be updated at any time and the listing of any work herein does not necessarily indicate the availability of such work.

Title: The Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification
Publisher: MIDI Manufacturer's Association, La Habra, CA, phone +1-310/947-8689

Title: Microphones - An Anthology
Publisher: Audio Engineering Society, 1979

Title: Microphone Manual: Design and Application
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., 1988

Title: Sonic Boom: the Art of Sound
Publisher: The Hayward Gallery

Title: Stereophonic Techniques - An Anthology
Publisher: Audio Engineering Society, 1986

Author: Agostini
Title: Creating Soundscapes
Publisher:, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4092-0036-9
Comment: Essential text for creation of 3D and surround sound; many interviews with practitioners

Author: Ahnert and Steffen
Title: Sound Reinforcement Engineering
Publisher: (, 1999
ISBN: 0-419-21810-6

Author: Alkin
Title: Sound Recording Reproduction, third ed.
Publisher: Focal Press
ISBN: 0-240-51467-x

Author: Alten
Title: Audio in Media, 7th Ed.
Publisher: Thomson/Wadsworth Publishing Company, 2005
ISBN 0-534-63046-4
Comment: A textbook for a student of sound recording

Author: Ando
Title: Concert Hall Acoustics
Publisher: Springer Verlag, 1985.
Comment: where most of the advanced metrics originated

Authors: Badmaieff and Davis
Title: How to Build Speaker Enclosures
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., 1966

Editor: Ballou
Title: Handbook for Sound Engineers: The New Audio Cyclopedia Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co. div of McMillan, Inc., 1987
ISBN: 0-672-21983-2

Author: Bandt
Title: Sound Sculpture: Intersections in sound and sculpture in Australian artworks
Publisher: Craftsman House, Sydney, Australia, 2001
ISBN: 1 877004 02 2
Comment: 160pp., 67 colour plates, 14 black and white figures, hardcover with audio CD.

Author: Bartlett
Title: Introduction to Professional Recording Techniques
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., 1987

Author: Bartlett
Title: Stereo Microphone Techniques
Publisher: Focal Press, 1991
Comment: A look at microphone techniques for stereo

Author: Begault
Title: 3-D Sound for Virtual Reality and Multimedia
Publisher: Academic Press, 1994
Comment: Read this and then talk 3-D

Author: Benade
Title: Horns, Strings, and Harmony
Publisher: Dover Publications, 1992
Comment: a look at the acoustics of musical instruments

Editor: Benson
Title: Audio Engineering Handbook
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1988

Editor: Beranek
Title: How They Sound, Concert and Opera Halls
Publisher: Acoustical Society of America, 1996
Comment: A look at the acoustics of performance venues around the world. Extensive acoustical data.

Editor: Borwick
Title: APRS Sound Recording Practice, 4th Edition
Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1996
ISBN: 0-19-311927-7
Comment: Another thorough British look at recording studio technicalities.

Author: Borwick
Title: Microphones, Technology and Technique
Publisher: Focal Press, 1990

Author: Bosseur
Title: Sound and the Visual

Author: Bracewell
Title: Sound Design in the Theatre
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 1993
Comment: Definitive on its subject - available from the author,
Table of Contents

Authors: Buick and Lennard
Title: Music Technology Reference Book
Publisher: PC Publishing, 1995
Comment: A reference for use in the music recording studio

Author: Burdick
Title: A Clean Audio Installation Guide
Publisher: Benchmark Media Systems, 1990 Comment: Covers grounding and powering

Authors: Burris-Meyer, Mallory (and Goodfriend)
Title: Sound in the Theatre
Publisher: Theatre Art, New York, 1959

Author: Burroughs
Title: Microphones: Design and Application
Publisher: Sagamore Publishing Company, Inc., 1974
Comment: By the then VP, Professional Products for E-V

Author: Buser & Imbert
Title: Audition
Comment: Good text on psychoacoustics

Author: Clifford
Title: Microphones - How They Work and How to Use Them, 2nd Edition
Publisher: TAB Books, 1982

Author: Collison
Title: Stage Sound (poss. 2nd edition)
Publisher: Drama Publishers, 1976

Author: Colloms
Title: High Performance Loudspeakers, 2nd edition
Publisher: Pentech Press, 1980

Editor: Cook
Title: Music, Cognition and Computerized Sound
Publisher: MIT Press, 1999
Comment: Good chapters on a wide range of psychoacoutics

Author: Crich
Title: Assistant Engineer's Handbook
Publisher: Black Ink Publishing, 1995
Comment: For the assistant engineer in a recording studio environment

Author: Davidson Title: Troubleshooting and Repairing Audio Equipment
Publisher: TAB Books, 1993

Authors: Davies & Jones
Title: The Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook, 2nd ed.
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corp., 1989
ISBN: 0-88188-900-8

Author: Davis & Davis
Title: Sound System Engineering, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Focal Press
ISBN: 0-672-21857-7
Comment: See S & VC Jan 20, 1995 for a summary

Author: Dickason
Title: The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, 4th ed.
Publisher: Audio Amateur Press, 1991

Author: Dickreiter, Temmer translator
Title: Tonmeister Technology
Publisher: Temmer Enterprises, 1989
Comment: A look at recording environments, sound source, and microphone technique.

Author: Eargle
Title: Handbook of Recording Engineering, 2nd edition
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992
Comment: A textbook for the undergraduate student of sound recording

Author: Eargle
Title: Handbook of Sound System Design
Publisher: Elar Publishing, 1989

Author: Eargle
Title: Sound Recording, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1980
ISBN: 0-442-22557-1

Author: Eargle
Title: The Microphone Handbook
Publisher: Elar Publishing, 1981

Author: Egan
Title: Architectural Acoustics
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1988
ISBN: 0-07-019111-5

Author: Everest
Title: The Master Handbook of Acoustics, 3rd ed.
Publisher: TAB Books, 1994
Comment: An excellent reference on acoustics
ISBN: 0-8306-4437-7

Author: Everest
Title: Sound Studio Construction on a Budget
Publisher: TAB Books
Comment: Good reference
ISBN: 0-07-021382-8

Author: Everest
Title: Successful Sound System Operation
Publisher: TAB Books, 1985

Author: Everest & Shea
Title: How to Build a Small Budget Recording Studio
Publisher: TAB Books
Comment: Tested designs and examples
ISBN: 0-8306-2966-1

Author: Finelli
Title: Sound for the Stage
Publisher: Drama Book Publishers, 1989
Comment: Good introduction to the lay student although somewhat casual to the experienced practitioner

Author: Ford
Title: Advanced Audio Production Techniques
Publisher: Focal Press, 1993
Comment: A primer for the music producer

Author: Giddings
Title: Audio Systems Design & Installation
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., 1990
Comment: How to design and install an audio system

Author: Green
Title: Stage Noises and Effects
Publisher: Jenkins, London, 1958
Comment: Traditional approaches to thunder, bombs, etc.

Author: Hall
Title: Musical Acoustics
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1980

Author: Hartmann
Title: Signals, Sound and Sensation
Publisher: Springer-Verlag, 1997
Comment: 'A classic'

Author: Holman
Title: 5.1 Channel Surround Sound: Up and Running
Publisher: Focal Press, 2000
Comment: 'Quite accessible'

Author: Howard & Angus
Title: Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, First ed.
Publisher: Focal Press
ISBN: 0-240-51428-9

Author: Huber
Title: Microphone Manual - Design and Application
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., 1988
ISBN: 0-672-22598-0

Author: Jeans
Title: Science and Music
Publisher: Dover Publications, 1968
Comment: A classic, originally published in 1937

Authors: Kaye & LeBrecht
Title: Sound and Music for the Theatre; 2nd Ed.
Publisher: Focal Press; 1999
ISBN-10: 024080371X; ISBN-13: 978-0240803715

Author: Keene
Title: Practical Techniques for the Recording Engineer
Publisher: SKE Publishing, 1981
ISBN: 0-942080-08-4

Author: Kerner
Title: The Art of the Sound Effects Editor
Publisher: Focal Press, 1989
Comment: Good description of film sound, including foley and audio posting

Editor: LaBelle and Roden
Title: Site of Sound: of Architecture & the Ear
Comments: Includes a CD

Author: Leonard
Title: Theatre Sound
Publisher: A & C Black Ltd., 2001
ISBN: 0-7136-4803-1
Comment: Superb text on the art of Theatre Sound Design

Author: Lowman
Title: Magnetic Recording
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1972
Comment: An Ampex look at magnetic recording in the seventies

Author: Maddox
Title: The DAT Technical Service Handbook
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1994

Author: Mallison
Title: The Foundations of Magnetic Recording
Publisher: Academic Press, 1987
Comment: A more recent technical look at magnetic recording

Author: Mapp
Title: The Audio System Designer Technical Reference
Publisher: Klark-Teknik Plc.
Comment: This makes reference data quickly accessible

Author: Maur
Title: The Sound of Painting: Music in Modern Art

Editor: Miller
Title: Benchmark Papers in Acoustics #16 -
Acoustical Measurements Methods and Instrumentation
Publisher: Hutchinson Ross Publishing Company, 1982
ISBN: 0-97933-415-0

Author: Moore
Title: An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing
Publisher: Academic Press, 1997
Comment: Good text on psychoacoustics

Author: Moylan
Title: The Creative Resources of Music Production and Audio
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992
Comment: Artistic aspects of recording and audio

Author: Napier
Title: Noises Off
Publisher: Miller, London, 1936
Comment: Buggy whips for pistol shots - some of this stuff still works!

Author: Nisbett
Title: 2003 Seventh Edition of The Sound Studio
Publisher: Focal Press, 2003
ISBN: 0-240-51292-8
Comment: A description of operational techniques for use in radio, television, and film

Author: Olson
Title: Music, Physics and Engineering, 2nd ed.
Publisher: Dover Publications, 1967
Comment: Originally 'Musical Engineering'

Author: Olson
Title: Musical Engineering
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1952

Author: Oringel
Title: Audio Control Handbook
Publisher: Focal Press, 1989

Author: Parker and Starrett
Title: CD-ROM Professional's CD-Recordable Handbook
Publisher: Pemberton Press, 1996
Comment: "Guide to Publishing, Distributing and Archiving Information, Images, Audio, Software and Multimedia with CD-R"

Author: Pohlmann
Title: Principles of Digital Audio. 3rd ed.
Publisher: Mcgraw Hill, Inc., 1995
Comment: A technical look at what is involved in digital audio

Editor: Potts
Title: Theatre Technology & Design
Publisher: International Thespian Society, 1984

Author: Robertson
Title: Microphones
Publisher: Hayden Book Co.Inc.
Comment: Traditional views of music biased to Western music

Author: Roederer
Title: Introduction to the Physics and Psychophysics of Music
Publisher: Springer, 3rd ed. 1995
Comment: Traditional views of music biased to Western music

Author: Rona
Title: MIDI: The Ins, Outs & Thrus
Publisher: Hal Leonard, 1987

Author: Rossing
Title: The Science of Sound, 2nd ed.
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1990
Comment: A textbook for the undergraduate student of musical acoustics

Author: Rothstein
Title: MIDI, A Comprehensive Introduction. The Computer Music and Digital Audio Series #7
Publisher: A-R Editions, Inc., 1992

Author: Rumsey
Title: Spatial Audio
Publisher: Focal Press
ISBN: 0-240-51623-0
Comment: 'Virtually no competition.'

Author: Rumsey
Title: The Audio Workstation Handbook
Publisher: Focal Press, 1996

Author: Rumsey & McCormick
Title: Sound and Recording, third ed.
Publisher: Focal Press
ISBN: 0-240-51487-4

Author: Runstein & Huber
Title: Modern Recording Techniques, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., 1986
ISBN: 0-672-22451-8

Author: Sanford
Title: Performance Criteria for Theatrical Sound Effects Systems
Publisher: Journal of the AES, May, Sept. 1973

Author: Schetina
Title: The Complete Guide to Digital Audio Tape Recorders
Publisher: PTR Prentice Hall, 1993

Author: Shagan
Title: Booking and Tour Management for the Performing Arts
Publisher: Allworth Press, 1996
Comment: A basic overview of touring from the artist/company point of view

Author: Stark
Title: Live Sound Reinforcement
Publisher: Artistpro
ISBN: 0918371074
Comment: This reprint of this classic textbook is from MixBooks. Its simple language, detailed illustrations and concrete examples convey the fundamentals of sound reinforcement theory in an intelligent and intelligible manner, making it an invaluable resource for aspiring live sound technicians and musicians alike. Written for novice to intermediate-level users, it outlines all aspects of P.A. system operation and commonly encountered sound system design concerns, with in-depth discussions of microphones, speaker systems, equalizers, mixers, signal processors, crossovers, amplifiers, system wiring and interfaces, indoor and outdoor sound considerations and psychoacoustics.

Author: Stevens and Davis
Title: Hearing: Its Psychology and Physiology
Publisher: American Institute of Physics, 1983
Comment: 'A classic'

Editor: Talbot-Smith
Title: Audio Engineer's Reference Book
Publisher: Focal Press, 1994
Comment: A very thorough look at the principles, techniques and technologies involved in Audio Engineering.

Editor: Talbot-Smith
Title: Sound Engineer's Pocketbook
Publisher: Focal Press, 1995
Comment: A pocket-sized brief of the Audio Engineer's Reference Book with additional material from the Audio System Designer

Author: Treasure
Title: Sound Business
Publisher: Management Books 2000, 2007
Comment: "A great exploration of the science of sound, and the experiential potency it has for building powerful brands."

Author: Vasey
Title: Concert Sound and Lighting Systems, 2nd ed.
Publisher: Focal Press, 1993
Comment: A short book that will provide a foundation of knowledge about sound and lights

Author: Wadhams
Title: Sound Advice
Publisher: Schirmer, 1990
Comment: A musician's guide to the studio, but has lots on microphone techniques for recording

Author: Walne
Title: Sound for the Theatre
Publisher: A & C Black, London
ISBN: 0-7136-3135-x

Author: White
Title: The Audio Dictionary, 2nd edition
Publisher: University of Washington Press, 1987
Comment: Alphabetized definitions of audio terms

Author: Woram
Title: The Recording Studio Handbook
Publisher: Elar Publishers, 1982

Author: Woram
Title: Sound Recording Handbook
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., 1989
Comment: A textbook for the undergraduate student of sound recording

Author: Yost
Title: Fundamentals of Hearing, 3rd Edition
Comment: Good text on psychoacoustics

Author: Zwicker and Fastl
Title: Psychoacoustics: Facts and Models
Publisher: Springer-Verlag, 1990
Comment: 'A classic'

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