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Please email me for a copy of Charlie's Joke file - all the jokes worth telling.

My 10 year old MySpace blog which is actually pretty funny if it weren't so sad - and one day will actually be brought up to date.

My home movies from 1952+ show what life was like in the country back then - two videos, 1.5 hours of fascinating viewing.


Write-Only Memory
MindGuard - Psychotronic Mind-Control Protection
Damon's Legacy
The Latest Royalty Fad
Do YOU Have the Knack?
The Perfect Computer
President Bush
If Equipment had Gender
Korean Herald and the Unidentified Man
The Power of Windows
Getting Good Help These Days
Fear of Flying
Who Cats Remind Us Of
New Concorde Crash Evidence
Warranty (Courtesy Alcorn McBride) - Page 1
Warranty (Courtesy Alcorn McBride) - Page 2
Problem Solving Flowchart
The Trouble Shooter
The Delivery Contract
The Final QA Test
System Integration at Disney World
The Five Stages of a Project
It's the Software
Dogs in the Hotel
Light Bulb Jokes
Sensuous and Godlike Trombone Playing
Heaviest Element Discovered

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