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Welcome to the Richmond Sound Design Press Release List


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Welcome to Richmond Sound Design's Press Release List! This is a moderated list with the exclusive purpose of distributing items for general release to the entertainment press and interested parties. If you subscribe to this list you will receive all Press Releases we issue.

Everyone is encouraged to submit any information you have regarding shows and productions which have used Richmond Sound Design equipment in any way.

You may send all submissions via email to:

CharlieR 'at' RichmondSoundDesign 'dot' com

We would appreciate having you include:

The name, location(s) and date(s) of the event(s)

The names of key people involved with its design and execution

Any unusual technical features involved, how they were achieved and the special equipment involved

Any other associated equipment necessary for the show

All disclosures required for public dissemination

Names, titles and contact data for official confirmation of all details

Any photos available, scanned at a minimum of 300dpi and publication quality, with required credits and references to people pictured.

For items which are chosen, we will confirm all details with the appropriate contact persons and we will edit the release for accuracy and conformity with the needs of the production and ourselves.

We will then submit it to the original poster for final approval and any minor changes or clarifications.

The final release will then be posted on this list as a joint press release if desired, otherwise it will be described as just coming from Richmond Sound Design Ltd.

We shall never post press releases on this list without first obtaining detailed information from the people actually working on the project and confirming all details with those in authority.

Thank you for participating in this list! We hope you will find it useful and informative.

Charlie Richmond

CharlieR 'at' RichmondSoundDesign 'dot' com

List Administrator

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