Theatre Sound Design, Show Control & Audio Engine Software

ShowMan™ Show Control Software & E-Show™ MIDI Tools

for Windows XP

by Loren Wilton

ShowMan, SoundMan-Server & E-Show power Universal Hollywood's 'Waterworld' live stunt show.

ShowMan displays and monitors all SM-Designer audio and show functions using the live display windows.

ShowMan: Big Performance - Standard Platform!

ShowMan is a program that controls other devices. It can control a single device at once, such as a CD player, or it can control hundreds of devices simultaneously, possibly running on different timelines. The ability to handle so many different devices results in an interface that can be a little confusing until you spend a few minutes getting used to it. Once you have mastered the basics, you can create both simple and very complex shows quickly and easily.

ShowMan provides the legendary power of the Stage Manager® show controller on the Intel platform. ShowMan directly imports existing Stage Manager 3000 shows.

Demonstration Software

Try the full featured, time-limited, demo version of ShowMan now!

Multiple Cue Lists

Control up to 128 cues lists simultaneously with an unlimited number of cues in each list. You can organize cue lists by technical discipline for editing and operation. Call up cues, cue paths and cue sequences inside destination devices. Control any specific target device function. Preload cues, mute and restore devices individually and in groups, fire macros, all at the touch of a button.

Interactive Cue Lists

ShowMan exploits the full power of MIDI Show Control by allowing cues in one list to change conditions in another list, for staggering show flexibility and interaction. This software handles the world's toughest production requirements, as proved in the most prestigious theatrical productions and theme parks.

Three Way Timing PLUS Manual GO

Shows may be self timed, locked to external or internal Time Code, run off a real-time clock/calendar or a combination of all three in multiple list versions. Because ShowMan is designed for LIVE performance, you always have complete manual override of cue execution. Skip cues, advance or retard timing, or fire cues manually along with the live action.

Every Cue is a MIDI Sequence

ShowMan can capture and play back an entire musical MIDI sequence in real time or to time code. Make some cues follow external time code while others follow internal clock timing with the remainder still under manual control - all concurrently.

Time Code Generator Built In

In multiple list versions of ShowMan, any list can be a programmable, MSC controllable MIDI Time Code generator which outputs time code to provide timing information for other lists and external time-code driven devices.

Device Editors for Everything in the World

Easily edit messages for devices of all types. Dedicated device editors are available for virtually all popular Lighting, Show, Sound and media devices that are controllable by musical MIDI, MIDI Show Control or MIDI Machine Control. RSD will write the editor for the device you want to use if we don't offer it already. All MIDI device editors are priced identically for simplicity of estimating costs.
Device editors for E-Show device such as Ethernet, Serial, Joystick, USB, 1394 and parallel interfaces are quoted on a custom basis. Editors for common serial devices such as video disk players and slide projectors are priced the same as MIDI devices.

SoundMan-Server Command Line Interface

The SoundMan-Server editor option features a command line interface for our SoundMan-Server software to add commands to any cue.

Real-Time MIDI Capture

ShowMan will even capture and interpret commands from other MIDI and even E-Show devices, for a new level of truly interactive programming.

Musical MIDI Cue Triggering

Send musical MIDI messages like Note On and Program Change and have it make any cue in your show go instantly
Interactively assign musical messages to make the cues go that you want at the time you want them to go!

Allows you to use ShowMan with musical sequencers, keyboards and other MIDI interface devices which don't necessarily provide an easy-to-use MIDI Show Control programming interface ShowMan includes free software maintenance for one year. Extended software maintenance is also available for a nominal yearly charge.

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