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Manuals & Documentation
SoundMan-Server Audio Engine API Command Set
SoundMan-Assistant Programmer's Command Set
SoundMan-Designer for SoundMan-Server User Manual
SoundMan-Designer: Richard Ingraham's "Helper" articles
SoundMan-Designer: David Hudgins' FAQ page
SoundMan-Server Macintosh Software: HFI's ABShowmaker
SoundMan Model IBOX-701 Server Installation Manual [PDF Format]
ShowMan User Manual
ShowMan User Manual [PDF Format]
AudioBox AB64 User Setup Manual
AudioBox AB64 ABEdit Software User Manual
AudioBox AB64 ABEdit Software User Manual [PDF Format]
AudioBox AB64 ABShowMaker User Manual
AudioBox AB64 User Service Manual
AudioBox AB64, AB1616 & 1616HD MotorMix Interface
AudioBox AB64, AB1616 & 1616HD Programmer's Command Set
AudioBox AB64 Interface: A set of portable C language functions for communicating via ethernet
AudioBox AB1616 & 1616HD User Setup Manual
AudioBox AB1616 & 1616HD Service Manual
AudioBox AB1616 & 1616HD and SoundMan-AB ABEdit Software User Manual
MTS-232 Hardware User Manual [pdf format]

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